Video Player Packages

Morfik’s new Video Player Package provides the required functionality to play videos in a number of formats, such as MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV on web applications built with Morfik.

Use open access links to the actual video files and play them on your site with no need to provide additional coding. Simply place a Video Player widget on the form, enter a link and to the video and enjoy watching video on your website.


A quick walkthrough

To use Morfik’s Video Player Package simply add the package to the project with the ‘Used Packages’ command on the Project ribbon (see Figure 1.), or simply drag the package file onto the application main client area. Once added, a Video Player widget will appear on the home ribbon when the Form Designer is active (Figure 2). This widget can be placed on the application form and provides immediate functionality without the need for coding or configuration properties.

Figure 1: Used Packages Command

Figure 2: Widget Gallery

Note: Please remember that Video Player package is a wrapper around shareware Flowplayer so it requires licenses when used commercially. For more information you can visit

Video Player widget

To play a video, you will need an open access link to the video file on the Internet. Add the link to your video file in the Video URL property of the Video Player widget to enable this video to be played. For example, is a link to the video on the web server. Simply entering this link into the Video URL property field (see Figure 3) will enable this video to be played on your website.

Figure 3: Entering video link

Video Player widget property description

Auto Play: If checked, automatically starts the player on load.
Show Play List: shows the Embed\Share buttons on the upper right corner of the video screen if checked.
Splash Screen: defines the location of the image file. It can be used as a splash screen (only for audio files).
Video URL: set to the location of the media file to play.

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