Status Bar

The application status bar provides a range of contextual information about objects when selected within various designers. The status bar in Morfik is divided into several sections, showing Zoom,Position, Style, width and height information.

zoom32.png Zoom Percentage

Shows the current document zoom level. 100% means the document is displayed in its original size.

DesignView32.png Edit State

Indicates if the current document has been modified since last save.

MoreControls32.png Control Name and Type

Displays the name and the class of the currently selected control.

TopLeft32.png Left and Top Positions

Displays the offset of the currently selected control relative to its containing control.

WidthHeight32.png Width and Height

Shows the dimensions of the currently selected control.

font32.png Font Type and Size

Displays the information about the font used by the currently selected control.

brush-style-32.png Style Details

Displays the style of the currently selected control, and shows what effects have been added to or removed from the control relative to the style definition.

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