Sharing / Bookmarking Package

The Morfik Sharing and Bookmarking Package provides the required functionality to enable the AddThis, AddToAny and TellAFriend buttons on your website so you can bookmark and share online content. The Sharing and Bookmarking Package consists of widgets that allow your visitors to use AddThis, AddToAny and TellAFriend buttons to share and bookmark the online content of your website. The advantage of this package is that each widget can set up a connection with most social services, blogs and messengers. Your visitors will now have an opportunity to share information about your website with friends and bookmark it on other resources with just a few clicks, and without even leaving your website!


A Quick Walkthrough

To use the Morfik Sharing and Bookmarking package simply add the package to the project by utilising the “Used Packages” command on the project ribbon (see Figure 1), or simply drag the package file onto the application main client area. Once added five widgets will appear on the home ribbon when the form designer is active (see Figure 2). Those widgets are ready to use with no need for additional coding. All you have to do is place them on a Form.

Figure 1: Used Packages Command

Figure 2: Figure 2. Widget Gallery

Once the Sharing and Bookmarking package is installed, it adds a number of widgets that come as part of this package. All you need to do is to place them on your application forms – there is no need for coding.

AddThis Share/Bookmark Widget
AddThis Subscribe Widget
AddToAny Widget
TellAFriend Widget

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