Server Side Optimizations

Morfik 3 includes a number of server side optimizations to accelerate the delivery of web applications to the browser. The result is that Morfik 3 applications are much faster to load and execute than in prior versions of Morfik.

General xApp Performance

A number of key classes used whenever an xApp receives a request have been honed to minimize the amount of processing done for each execution. This optimization saves time throughout the web application's execution.

Forms and Reports

Under prior versions of Morfik each time a form or report was requested it would be loaded from the resources file on the server. Reading files from the disk is an expensive operation in terms of time, especially for complex forms or reports with a large number of controls. A new technique eliminates this bottleneck completely which results in significant speed improvements.

Continuous Forms

A problem with continuous forms was identified in which the underlying query could be run multiple times resulting in significant slowdowns in their display, especially if the query was complex. These duplicate request have been eliminated.

The Main Page

The most common request for any website is the main page and, since it is the first page visitors view, one of the most critical to optimize. Morfik's support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires the full main page to be rendered each time it is requested. The optimizations discussed above have dramitically improved main page response times but additional main page work has been done for speed improvements. In Morfik 3, for example, the HTML code is returned to the browser first, which allows the browser to start loading scripts and images while the SEO items for the page are being generated on the server.

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