Right Docking Site

Along the right side of the workspace, by default, is the right docking site containing the Debug Scripts and Debug Source inspectors.

The panel (by default) hides most of itself along the right side of the screen when not in use; hovering the mouse cursor over the panel causes it to fully expand to the right; moving the mouse cursor off the panel causes it to contract. The panel may be locked in its expanded position by “pinning” it in place; press the Pin button to do so.

Right Docking Site

These panels are of use only when debugging an application at the platform compiler level (JavaScript and Object Pascal for the Browser and Server portions of the application, respectively).

bug_yellow32.png Debug Scripts

The Debug Scripts inspector enables the viewing/debugging of (browser-side) JavaScript code that is generated by the compiler. Most of the objects in your application, such as Forms and WebMethods, will have JavaScript equivalents listed in the inspector. Double-click a JavaScript file to display it in the code editor. The code is view-only and may not be edited, as it is generated by the compiler. You may set a breakpoint at a particular line of code by either single-clicking the line of interest in the gutter, or by selecting the Debug | Add Breakpoint option from the Ribbon bar.

Debug Script Panel

In order to have access to the generated JavaScript source code, you must enable intermediate code debugging in the Morfik Options dialog box.

bug_yellow32.png Debug Source

The Debug Source inspector enables the viewing/debugging of (server-side) intermediate Object Pascal code that is generated by the compiler. Debugging this code is identical to that of debugging JavaScript code as described above.

Debug Source Panel

It should be noted that debugging of code that is automatically generated by the compiler should generally not be necessary during application development. The generated code will be syntactically correct, and will itself not generate errors.

How Do I: Use the Intermediate Source Code?

This video presentation is on Intermediate source code in Morfik projects. The Intermediate source code for the Server-side and Browser-side modules are explained through debugging a simple project that generates two random numbers on the server and displays the results in the browser.

The player will show in this paragraph

Intermediate Source Code

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