Quick Access Toolbar

Located to the right of the Power menu is the Quick Access toolbar and Customize button.

Quick Access toolbar and Customize button

The Quick Access toolbar gives you one-click access to your most commonly used IDE functions. The toolbar is also completely configurable.

To configure the Quick Access toolbar, press the Customize button (as shown above) to display the Customize drop down menu.

navigate_check32.png List of Currently Configured Commands

A list of currently configured buttons. When enabled, the buttons have a check mark next to them. To disable a button, click the button and the check mark will disappear.

preferences32.png More Commands...

Displays the Morfik Options dialog box, with the Customize option selected.

Morfik Options dialog box

The Morfik Options dialog box is explained in-depth in the section titled Morfik Options later in this chapter.

up-down32.png Show Quick Access Toolbar [Above | Below] the Ribbon

Positions the Quick Access Toolbar either above or below the Ribbon bar.

navigate_minus32.png Minimize Ribbon

Minimizes the Ribbon bar, displaying only the menu choices for each tab on the Ribbon bar. Placing the mouse cursor over a menu choice drops down the Ribbon bar in its entirety; removing the mouse cursor from the displayed Ribbon bar subsequently minimizes it again. Shortcut: toggle between the minimized and maximized states by double-clicking on a ribbon tab.

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