Project Tab

The Project tab of the Ribbon allows you access to a variety of options which affect the project as a whole, such as: importing data sources or web services, creating RSS Feeds, managing resources, deploying and managing database backup and restore operations.

In the Project tab you have options available to create new project documents and objects such as new Forms, Reports, Tables and Queries. From this tab you can also have access to the options dialog from which you can configure project specific options.

Contents of Project tab of the Ribbon

webservices16.png Web Services
rssbutton16.png RSS Feeds
Resources16.png Project Resources
mimetype16.png MIME Types
package16.png Used Packages
manageurl16.png Manage URLs information2-16.png Command Missing

deployment16.png Deploy

wizardform16.png New Form Wizard
wizardreport16.png New Report Wizard
wizardquery16.png New Query Wizard
wizardtable16.png New Table Wizard
wizardmodule16.png New Module Wizard
wizardwebmethod16.png New Web Method Wizard

projectoptions16.png Project Options
restoredatabase16.png Restore Database
databasebackup16.png Backup
projectinfo16.png Project Information

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