Morfik Rewards Program

The Morfik Rewards Program has been established to foster a cooperative and supportive culture within the Morfik community. It directly rewards those who share their valuable time and experience with fellow developers.

One of the hallmarks of a successful software development tool is the strong peer support and active involvement of other software developers in the direction and evolution of that tool. Often this generous contribution comes from a small group of dedicated users who share their wealth of experience and valuable time with the whole community—without expecting anything in return.

Morfik believes that companies should reward the generosity of those who actively provide voluntary peer support on vendor-sponsored forums. The Morfik Rewards Program does just this. It recognizes and promotes member contributions in order to harness and maximize the use of available resources within the Morfik community.

Morfik Reward Points

All peer support activities within the Morfik community attract reward points that can be exchanged for a range of products, services, merchandise and priority support. They can also be used to sponsor the development of product features and Morfik packages of choice.

Morfik Reputation Badges

In addition to Morfik Reward Points, active participants in peer support will receive reputation badges that reflect the quality of their contribution, level of expertise and knowledge of Morfik products. Morfik Reputation Badges complement the user’s professional profile and can assist in marketing the user’s own services.

Selected Morfik Reputation Badges will also enable the participants to act as mentors and moderators within Morfik development and support activities. Holders of these badges can also provide direct input into setting product development priorities.

In a nutshell, Morfik Reward Points reflect the extent, and Morfik Reputation Badges the quality of user contributions.

Earning reward points

Morfik developers can earn reward points through the following contributions:

1. Answering questions in Morfik Support Forums

Morfik regards peer support in exchange for reward points as the primary goal and most important benefit of the reward program.

For software vendors—irrespective of their size, wealth and market share—open-ended and unlimited product support is an impossible task. Development and support teams must focus available resources on critical support issues that are directly related to the product and affect the entire user community. This means the personal support needs of individual developers, both novice and expert, must by necessity be addressed through peer support.

Reward points can be earned through active participation in the Morfik Support Forums. As we open the Morfik Forums to those who have downloaded and are still evaluating the product, we will no doubt see an increase in the number of questions by novice users. This presents experienced and licensed Morfik users with an avenue to rapidly earn additional reward points.

The rules governing the earning of reward points on Morfik Support Forums will be announced within the forums.

2. Identification and reporting of software bugs

Developers who identify and report software bugs will earn reward points for their efforts. Assisting the Morfik development team in pinpointing the reported anomalies will attract additional reward points. Helping to find an interim workaround that is approved and published by Morfik will earn even more reward points.

3. Software testing

Morfik will publish testing criteria during beta cycles and offer reward points for testing activities. These can include compatibility testing across browsers, plus performance and load testing of Morfik applications. The conditions for earning reward points will be set out on a case-by-case basis.

4. Submission of articles for the Morfik Wiki

Morfik has selected the wiki format for its documentation in order to encourage its users to assist with the continuous expansion and enhancement of its content. Morfik will sponsor content creation by posting a task list within the Morfik wiki and offering reward points for task completion. Developers can submit articles to complete the tasks. Successful submissions will be incorporated into the wiki and will earn their authors the specified reward points.

5. Submission of tutorials

Morfik will sponsor tutorials and offer reward points for their completion. Developers can submit tutorials for consideration. Successful submissions will be published on the Morfik website under the author’s name and will grant the author the specified reward points.

6. Developing sample code and projects

Morfik will sponsor the creation of sample code and sample projects and offer reward points for their completion. Successful submissions will be published on the Morfik website under the author’s name and will grant the author the specified reward points.

7. Other contributions

While the above list outlines the main avenues for earning reward points, it is not meant to be exhaustive. Morfik is committed to rewarding all contributions and will enhance the list as new avenues for peer support are identified.

Redeeming Morfik Reward Points

Morfik Reward Points can be thought of as a form of currency that can be exchanged primarily for peer support and, from time to time, goods and services.

Even experienced users are themselves occasionally in need of urgent support. They can use the points they have accumulated to tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of the Morfik community. As well as nominating a bounty for speedy and quality answers to specific questions, they can also sponsor their fellow Morfik users to undertake important development tasks such as testing, documentation, tutorials or similar services. Morfik will hold the announced bounties in trust and allocate them on behalf of the sponsors.

Reward points can also be used to commission Morfik to develop or fast-track bug fixes, product features and specialized packages. This can be especially effective when a number of developers pool their reward points and act in groups.

At times, Morfik may put to vote the priority of developing certain features or packages. Morfik developers will have a say in the final decisions in proportion to the reward points and reputation badges they have earned.

Accumulated points can also be redeemed for products and services such as Morfik licenses and MDA subscriptions, cool gadgets and other merchandise of practical value to web developers.

Initial issue of reputation points

In order to enable participants to announce bounties for their urgent support needs, all licensed users of Morfik products will be issued with 1000 reputation points when they first purchase the product.

Consulting and programming requests

Sometimes Morfik developers are prepared to pay for more resources in order to finish a project or meet a deadline. The forum and its system of badges, together with the profiles of its participants, can provide some assistance in finding the appropriate resources. For small assignments that can be of benefit to all participants, Morfik developers can use their accumulated reward points as a bounty and sponsor consulting and programming tasks in order to attract several submissions. The best answer can then be chosen from a number of alternatives. In such cases, the bounty is distributed through the Morfik reward system.

Reward program administration

Morfik will publish the rules governing the program and amend them from time to time as required. Its decisions regarding earning and redeeming of reward points and allocation of reputation badges are final.