Morfik Options and Preferences

The Morfik Options and Preferences dialog concentrates all options into a single, integrated, dialog. Through this dialog the user can set environment, project and debug options without having to look in different windows to find what he wishes.

Morfik Options and Preferences

Morfik Options dialog is divided into several different areas which can be selected from a vertical menu on the left side of the window.

GeneralEditor SourcesEditor DisplayCode AssistSyntax ColorApplicationServerCompilerDebuggerExceptionsTraceCustomizeThemes
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The General Options allows you to control and configure startup behavior, personalize the look of the IDE and the look and behavior of the Form and Report designers.

Environment Options

      navigate-check16.png   Reload last open project on start up navigate-check16.png   Show System Fields
      navigate-check16.png   Background Compilation navigate-check16.png   Can Edit System Tables
      navigate-check16.png   Show Hidden Items navigate-check16.png   Display Thumbnails
      navigate-check16.png   Show System Items combobox16.png   Color Scheme

Form/Report Designer Options

      navigate-check16.png   Show Visible Grid navigate-check16.png   Show Bounding Rectangles
      RadioButton16.png   Snap to Visible Grid navigate-check16.png   Show Event Contents
      RadioButton16.png   Snap to Smart Grid navigate-check16.png   Copy to clipboard as text
navigate-check16.png   Display Background
combobox16.png   Resize/Move shortcuts
combobox16.png   Measurement Units

In the Editor Source section of Morfik Options dialog, parameters which define many of the behaviors of the IDE's source code editor can be set. Also, several aspects of the editor's appearence which relate to code editing can be customized.

Editing Options

      navigate-check16.png   Auto indent mode navigate-check16.png   Persistent blocks
      navigate-check16.png   Smart tab navigate-check16.png   Overwrite blocks
      navigate-check16.png   Backspace unindents navigate-check16.png   Double click line
      navigate-check16.png   Group undo navigate-check16.png   Find text at cursor
      navigate-check16.png   Cursor beyond EOF navigate-check16.png   Force cut and copy enabled
      navigate-check16.png   Cursor beyond EOL navigate-check16.png   Overwrite cursor as block
      navigate-check16.png   Selection beyond EOL navigate-check16.png   Disable dragging
      navigate-check16.png   Live Spell navigate-check16.png   Auto Correct
      combobox16.png   Keymapping TextEdit16.png   Tab stops
TextEdit16.png   Block indent

Code Editor Options

      navigate-check16.png   Show line numbers
      navigate-check16.png   Show line numbers on gutter
      navigate-check16.png   Use syntax highlight
      navigate-check16.png   Highlight braces

The Editor Display section allows configuring the appearance of the Morfik code editor. In the Editor Display section of the Morfik Options dialog, parameters which define many of the behaviors of the IDE's source code editor can be set. Also, several aspects of the editor's appearance which relate to code editing can be customized.

Code Editor Font Options

      combobox16.png   Editor font
      combobox16.png   Editor color
      combobox16.png   Size

Code Editor Gutter and Margin Options

      Margin: Gutter:
      navigate-check16.png   Visible navigate-check16.png   Visible
      TextEdit16.png   Width TextEdit16.png   Width
      combobox16.png   Color combobox16.png   Color
      combobox16.png   Style combobox16.png   Style
      TextEdit16.png   Position

With the Code Assist Options in Morfik, parameters which define how different aspects of code completion and other computer aided coding features Morfik work can be set.

Intellisense Options

      navigate-check16.png   Code Outlining
         navigate-check16.png   Statement Outlining
      navigate-check16.png   Line Modificators
      navigate-check16.png   Highlight statements
      navigate-check16.png   Highlight references
      navigate-check16.png   Background Compilation Min Del

In the Syntax Color section of Morfik Options dialog, the user can set parameters which define how the the color syntax highlighting will be rendered in the Morfik code editor.

Syntax Highlighting Color Options

      button16.png   Server   button16.png   Browser Use defaults for:
      listbox16.png   Elements navigate-check16.png   Foreground
      combobox16.png   Foreground color navigate-check16.png   Background
      combobox16.png   Background color
      navigate-check16.png   Bold button16.png   Open
      navigate-check16.png   Italic button16.png   Save
      navigate-check16.png   Underline button16.png   Defaults

The Application section of Morfik Options dialog allows the setting of several application-wide, startup parameters which define the application looks and works at runtine.

Project Options Page Options
      combobox16.png   Default URL       combobox16.png   Page Alignment
      navigate-check16.png   Use a form       combobox16.png   Page Alignment
      TextEdit16.png   Domain       button16.png   Background Image


      navigate-check16.png   Include Version Info
            TextEdit16.png   Major Version
            TextEdit16.png   Minor Version
            TextEdit16.png   Release
            TextEdit16.png   Build
      navigate-check16.png   Autoincrement version number

The Server section of Morfik Options dialog, allows the configuration of parameters which define how the application's built-in web server will behave at runtime. This section also displays the parameters for application's database and the database server.

Web Server Options

      RadioButton16.png   No Web Server
      RadioButton16.png   Use Web Server
      combobox16.png   Binary Kind navigate-check16.png   Server only XApp
      TextEdit16.png   HTTP Port TextEdit16.png   SSL Certificate
      TextEdit16.png   HTTPS Port TextEdit16.png   SSL Private key
      navigate-check16.png   Compress HTTP data using gzip To begin the process of obtaining a certificate, click here

Database Options

      RadioButton16.png   No Embedded Database
      RadioButton16.png   Use Embedded Database. Firebird installation...
      TextEdit16.png   User Name Charset: UNICODE_FSS
      TextEdit16.png   Password Page Size: 1024
Allocated Pages: 5726
      navigate-check16.png   Always prompt for login at startup

In the Compiler section of Morfik Options dialog, allows the configuration of parameters which define how Morfik compilers and platform compiler behave. This section also allows the setting of the path for the Morfik Framework.

Compiler Options

      navigate-check16.png   Obfuscated JavaScript navigate-check16.png   Display Compiler Warnings
      navigate-check16.png   Optimize JavaScript navigate-check16.png   Generate MorfikSpace Image File
      navigate-check16.png   Package Resources
      navigate-check16.png   IE6 Support
      navigate-check16.png   Startup Log

Framework Options

      TextEdit16.png   Framework Path
      TextEdit16.png   Search Paths
      TextEdit16.png   Compiler Defines

Platform Compiler Options

      combobox16.png   Target Platform button16.png   Advanced

The Debugger section of Morfik Options dialog, allows the configuration of parameters which define how application's built-in browser and server side debuggers will behave.

Debugger Options

      combobox16.png   Integer Format
      navigate-check16.png   Intermediate Source Debugging
      navigate-check16.png   Step CPU by Source Line
      navigate-check16.png   Auto Switch
      navigate-check16.png   Stop on script errors
      navigate-check16.png   Stop on server-side exceptions

Evaluation Options

      navigate-check16.png   Tooltips expression evaluation navigate-check16.png   Allow side effects
      TextEdit16.png   Delay TextEdit16.png   Evaluation TimeOut

In the Exceptions section of the Morfik Options dialog, the developer can set which exceptions the debugger will react to (trap).

Exception Options

      listbox16.png   Operating system Exceptions listbox16.png   Language Exceptions

The Trace options allows the user to specify the level of trace desired during debugging sessions. Morfik can trace general HTTP Requests, XML Web Service calls and a series of different database operations. By default database operations are not enabled for tracing.

Trace Options

      navigate-check16.png   Monitor HTTP Request/Response navigate-check16.png   Monitor SQL
         navigate-check16.png   HTTP Headers Only navigate-check16.png   Monitor Designer SQL
      navigate-check16.png   Monitor SOAP XML Messages listbox16.png   SQL Monitor Options

The customize options allows the user to specify which functions will be available directly from the Quick Access toolbar, above the Ribbon in the Morfik Workspace.

Quick Access Toolbar Options

      listbox16.png   Available Commands listbox16.png   Quick Access Bar
      navigate-check16.png   Show Quick Access Toolbar Below Ribbon
      button16.png   Keyboard shortcut

The Theme Manager in Morfik options allows you to perform tasks such as Rename or delete a custom theme as well as the ability to Import or export a theme to a Theme file. This can be useful if you want to share your themes with other developers.

Installed Themes

      button16.png   Rename button16.png   Import
      button16.png   Delete button16.png   Export

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