Morfik 1 - Service Pack

February, 2008

This release will provide a much-improved browser debugging experience. Instead of using the Microsoft Script Debugger, Morfik is now using Mozilla technology.

add-new32.png What's New in Morfik

New Features
This release will provide a much improved debugging experience. At the heart of all the improvements is the switch in the underlying technology of browser side debugging. Instead of using the Microsoft Script Debugger Morfik is now using Mozilla technology.

This change has made it possible to debug both browser and server side code at the same time in a seamless manner. Until now the AppsBuilder IDE could only debug on portion of the application, either browser or server, at the same time. This should greatly enhance productivity as at any time during execution of an application the developer can just click on a line to set a breakpoint.

To view the intermediate source in this version, go to "Debug\Debugger Options …" and tick the Intermediate source debugging check box. You will see two new tabs next to Properties and Explorer tabs with a list of the intermediate source files.


  1. Multi-Column continuous forms now work correctly when browsing through pages.
  2. The menu view/debug views and the log type checkboxes are now displayed correctly.
  3. No more SQL errors when copying tables from one project to another project with different charset used for the tables in the databases.
  4. The vertical scroll bar for forms in the form designer now gets updated correctly to show the full height of the form. Also issues with not being able to scroll down to the bottom of the form have been resolved.
  5. It is now possible to add more than one instance of SET-COOKIE to the HTTP response header.
  6. Error and Search Panels can now be turned on or off through View menu.
  7. It is now much faster to display a report that include large numbers of static images.
  8. Morfik applications now compile correctly with Delphi 2007.
  9. Updates to Firebird configuration file for correct operation in MS Vista environment.
  10. Naming a table as 'System' does not cause a compile loop anymore.
  11. Expressions used in return statements are now checked to ensure they are of the correct data type.
  12. Fixed issues with aligning the contents of a TextLabel at run time which looked slightly different from the design time.
  13. Paintbox controls now appear correctly in Reports.
  14. It is now possible to add more than one instance of SET-COOKIE to the HTTP response header.
  15. Intermittent multiple page printing issues with reports on color printers has been fixed.
  16. Background compiler no more reports access violation error when creating a new table
  17. The word-wrap style property is now compatible with W3C standard and as a result Firefox no longer reports errors in its error console.
  18. Resolved the high CPU usage issues on the client side, if an xApp was left running for a long period of time.
  19. Morfik compiler now displays error messages when overriding a non-virtual method in the browser side
  20. Resolved issues related to compiling\running IIS and Apache Plugin projects. The Clear Compiler Cache command is now automatically called to ensure correct compilation.
  21. No more access violation errors when repeatedly opening external Firebird tables in data view.

download32.png Download

On the download page, you will have the option of choosing from three different versions of Morfik that differ in the programming language used. Choose the version with the programming language that you are familiar with. The installation steps are identical whether you purchased your copy or are using the trial version.

download16.png  Download Full version

To install Morfik:
1. Open the downloaded Zip file with a tool such as WinZip™ or other compatible program.
2. Double-click the single .EXE file contained in the Zip file.
3. Follow the instructions and prompts in the Setup Wizard to complete the installation.

cd_run-install32.png Installation

This maintenance update is a complete installation (and not a software patch to the existing installed version of Morfik). You may uninstall previous versions of Morfik, however this is not required, and the new update can co-exist next to the previous versions.

bug_yellow32.png Known Issues

Following is a list of known problems with Morfik release (some with a suggested workaround) which will be fixed in future updates or releases:

  1. When previewing xApps in the new debug browser, certain xApps may display error messages that are related to "Parsing" or "Unknown" CSS properties. These messages will not have any negative impact on your applications. We are aware of them and working on these issues which will be resolved in upcoming releases. We are taking the utmost care in addressing each individual message to ensure that cross-browser compatibility is not affected.
  2. If the WordWrap property for a TextEdit control is set to true, it will not be possible to enter "New Lines" in the TextEdit controls if used within IE browser. This issue does not exist in other browsers. The fix for this will be included in the next release.
  3. In order to run WebOS AppsBuilder successfully on MS Windows Vista, you may have to turn the Windows Vista's UAC (User Account Control) off.

Resources32.png Other Resources and Links

Resources16.png   "How Do I?" Videos  Learn by watching training videos on how to perform common tasks within Morfik
Resources16.png   Morfik Developers Assist   Support page provides a list of useful links to various technical resources
Resources16.png   Morfik Support Forum   Browse through the questions and answers, search for specific topics

workplace-system32.png System Requirements

Morfik's software and hardware requirements are as follows:
-Windows XP®, Windows Vista® (32- or 64-bit) or Windows 7® (32- or 64-bit)
-Intel® Pentium class, 1.8 Gigahertz processor or better
-1 GB RAM or more
-1 GB hard disk space (Installer + User Files)
-Monitor 1280x1024 screen resolution or better
-32-bit color, 64 MB graphics memory or better
Morfik is only available as a download, and the installation steps are identical whether you purchased your copy or are using the trial version.

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