Maintenance Update

December 6th, 2010

This maintenance update provides bug fixes and other improvements to the recent Morfik 3 release, including the addition of the new ContainerSet control. Please note that this update is a full installation and does not require any previous version of Morfik to be installed.

add-new32.png What's New in Morfik

Following are a list of improvements in this maintenance update:

  1. Added new ContainerSet control. More info...
  2. Added high resolution icon for Morfik Debug Browser.
  3. Added Wordwrap property to checkbox in reports.
  4. Fixed leaking of memory in Morfik compiler.
  5. Fixed infrequent issue were Morfik reported syntax error on valid file.
  6. Editor will now remove hyperlink when user releases Control key without moving mouse.
  7. Document tab can now be closed using middle mouse button.
  8. Fixed appearance of JSON item on Panels menu.
  9. Fixed accessing to Widget controls from scripter when multiple widgets share the same class.
  10. Fixed missing project templates.
  11. Fixed case where Browser code will not regenerate on Compile after changes to form.
  12. Fixed case when Morfik not able to open file if it was opened for reading by some other application.
  13. Fixed Apache Plug-in XApp under Linux.
  14. Improved API interfaces so they can be easily extended without breaking binary compatibility on existing dlls.
  15. Fixed crash when Updating style of control after creating new project.
  16. Fixed case when Published URLs will publish only first URL in the list.
  17. Fixed focus issue in Morfik Debug Browser with TextEdit control when switch from and then to Morfik Browser.
  18. Fixed TextEdit displaying format property instead of formatted value.
  19. Fixed missing zero in formating of floating point values between 0 and 1.
  20. When updating DataConnector it would use old connection properties on Table stage and would fail (if server had moved) or display incorrect data. This has now been fixed.

Note: The following packages will require updating to function with the Morfik 3.0.7 release:

  • Lightbox
  • Image rotator
  • Image slider
  • Rss
  • Fusioncharts

Updates to these packages are now available.

download32.png Download

On the download page, you will have the option of choosing from three different versions of Morfik that differ in the programming language used. Choose the version with the programming language that you are familiar with. The installation steps are identical whether you purchased your copy or are using the trial version.

download16.png  Download Full version

To install Morfik:
1. Open the downloaded Zip file with a tool such as WinZip™ or other compatible program.
2. Double-click the single .EXE file contained in the Zip file.
3. Follow the instructions and prompts in the Setup Wizard to complete the installation.

cd_run-install32.png Installation

This maintenance update is a complete installation (and not a software patch to the existing installed version of Morfik). You may uninstall previous versions of Morfik, however this is not required, and the new update can co-exist next to the previous versions.

Resources32.png Other Resources and Links

Resources16.png   "How Do I?" Videos  Learn by watching training videos on how to perform common tasks within Morfik
Resources16.png   Morfik Developers Assist   Support page provides a list of useful links to various technical resources
Resources16.png   Morfik Support Forum   Browse through the questions and answers, search for specific topics

workplace-system32.png System Requirements

Morfik's software and hardware requirements are as follows:
-Windows XP®, Windows Vista® (32- or 64-bit) or Windows 7® (32- or 64-bit)
-Intel® Pentium class, 1.8 Gigahertz processor or better
-1 GB RAM or more
-1 GB hard disk space (Installer + User Files)
-Monitor 1280x1024 screen resolution or better
-32-bit color, 64 MB graphics memory or better
Morfik is only available as a download, and the installation steps are identical whether you purchased your copy or are using the trial version.

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