LongTail FLV Player Package

Morfik's LongTail FLV Player Package provides the required functionality to play FLV videos on your Morfik-built website.

With Morfik's LongTail FLV Player Package you now can play .flv video files using one widget. You can store these files on your own servers, or use open access links to the actual video files and play them on your website with no need to provide additional coding. Simply place a LongTail FLV Player widget on a form, enter a link to the video and enjoy watching video on your website.


A quick walkthrough

To use Morfik's LongTail FLV Player Package simply add the package to the project with the ‘Used Packages’ command on the Project ribbon (see Figure 1), or simply drag the package file onto the application main client area.

Figure 1: Used Packages Command

Once added, a LongTail FLV Player widget will appear on the home ribbon when the Form Designer is active (Figure 2). This widget can be placed on the application form and provides immediate functionality without the need for coding or configuration of properties.

Figure 2: Widget Gallery

Morfik 3 Beta NOTE: - the Longtail Player package requires the Indy library for it to compile. While in Morfik 2 the Indy library is a part of the framework, in Morfik 3 this library has been taken out and turned in to an independent package. Therefore to use the current version of this package (V 1.0) in Morfik 3, one has to follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Indy package in the target project. You can download the Indy package from here.
  2. In the mfk_VideoPlayer module replace the module reference SystemInternetIndy to mfk_SistemInternetIndy.

The quickest way to utilise this package is to place the LongTail FLV Player widget on the form of your application, and enter a link to the video as described below. This is all that is needed to add a FLV video player to your application. Users can now watch videos on your site.

Note: Please remember that all LongTail Video products require licenses when used commercially. For more information you can visit https://www.longtailvideo.com/players/order.

LongTail FLV Player Widget

To set a video to be played, you will need an open access link to the the .flv video file on the Internet. Simply add this link to the Source property in your LongTail FLV Player widget to enable this video to be played. For example, http://content.longtailvideo.com/videos/longtail.flv is a link to the video on the LongTail server. Simply entering this link into the source property field (see Figure 3) will enable this video to be played on your website.

Figure 3: Entering video link

LongTail widget property descriptions

Auto Start: automatically starts the player on load if checked.
Buffer Length: sets the number of seconds of the file that has to be loaded before starting. Set this to a low value to enable instant-start and to a high value to get less mid-stream buffering.
Mute: mutes all sounds on startup if checked. This can be overridden by a user's cookie, which stores the user's last muting state.
RepeatStyle: allows you to set RSDefault to RSSingle to continue repeating the selected file in a playlist, and RSAlways to continuously play the song/video/playlist.
Show Play Button: shows the play button and buffering icon in the middle of the video screen when checked.
Smoothing: sets the smoothing of videos, so blocks won't appear when the video is upscaled. Uncheck this property to ‘false’ to get performance improvements with old computers / big files.
Source: defines the location of the mediafile to play.
Stretching: defines how to resize images in the display. strUniform sets stretching with black borders, strNone sets no stretching for the video, strExactFit sets disproportionate stretching and strFill stretches the video to uniformly fill the screen.
Volume: sets the startup volume of the player. This can range from 0 to 100. The user's last volume setting is saved in a cookie and overrides this flashvar.

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