The Insert tab of the Ribbon is only visible when you are working in the Form or the Report designers. This tab offers you a list of controls that can be inserted into the document you are editing.

The controls which are available when designing Forms and Reports are not the same, due to the difference in nature between these two document types. The controls which do have counterparts are as similar to each other as possible.

Insert Tab Form View

Figure 1: Contents of Insert tab of the Ribbon, when in the Form designer

textlabel16.png TextLabel
textedit16.png TextEdit
button16.png Button
combobox16.png Combobox
container16.png Container
form16.png Subform
dropdown16.png Dropdown
checkbox16.png Checkbox
preferences16.png Option
datetimeedit16.png DateTime
listbox16.png Listbox
tabs16.png TabControl
photo_scenery16.png Image

rectangle16.png Rectangle
progressBar16.png ProgressBar
fileuploader16.png FlashUploader
flashcontrol16.png Flash
rssbutton16.png RSS
timer16.png Timer

widget16.png Custom Controls

Insert Tab Report View

Figure 2: Contents of Insert tab of the Ribbon, when in the Report designer

textlabel16.png TextLabel
photo_scenery16.png Image
container16.png Container
PageBreak16.png Page Break
checkbox16.png Checkbox
brush116.png PaintBox
SubReport16.png Subreport

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