Morfik’s Import/Export package is designed to make importing and exporting text-based data on Morfik built websites easy, using two easy-to-use, step-by-step wizards.


A Quick Walkthrough

To use the Morfik Import/Export package add the package to the project by utilizing the ‘Used Packages’ command on the project ribbon (see Figure 1), or drag the package file onto the application main client area.

Figure 1: Used Packages Command

Once added, two widgets will appear on the home ribbon when the form designer is active (see Figure 2). These widgets are ready to use with no need for additional coding.

Figure 2: Widget Gallery

Place your widgets on a form. Your project is now ready for you to import or export data. To make this easily accessible, two published URLs are added to your project; each one contains a wizard-like widget guiding you through the necessary processes:



Widgets overview

The Morfik Import/Export Package consists of two widgets: Export Wizard and Import Wizard.

Let's take a closer look at how they work.

Export Wizard Widget
Import Export Widget

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