Horizontal Placement

The HorizontalPlacement property, if set, governs how the Control adjusts its size and position in response to changes in the horizontal dimensions of its parent.

Possible Values

Value Description
Left Side Default value. The position of the control is defined by its Left property.
Right Side This control is anchored to the right edge of its container. At runtime the control will reposition itself to maintain the distance between its right side and the right side of the container.
Both Sides Both left and right sides of the control are anchored. At run time the control will preserve the distances between its left edge and the left side of the container, and between its right side and the right side of the container.
Center The control will always remain horizontally centered inside its container.
Relative The horizontal offset of the control inside its container is proportional to the container's width.

Applies to

TextLabel, TextEdit, Button, ComboBox, Container, SubForm, Dropdown, Checkbox, OptionButton, DateTimeEdit, TabControl, Image, Rectangle, FlashUploader, Flash, FileUploader, SubReport


FX Code

  Procedure Form1.WebFormReady(Var Ready: Boolean);
      Container1.HorizontalPlacement := hpCentre;

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