The Home tab of the Ribbon is where most operations commonly used during the design of an application or a website are located. The content of this tab changes to reflect what you are working on at the moment. However, the options in the Document, Compile and Clipboard sections are always kept visible.

Ribbon Home Tab

The available commands in the Home Tab, when in Project view, are primarily related to operations that can be applied to a project. These commands assist a developer to better manage the project documents or find a particular one when needed.

When you are working in the Form designer, the Home tab offers options for inserting and positioning controls on the Form. The most commonly changed properties for controls, which are those pertaining to their appearance, are also available from the Home tab, so that you do not need to invoke the Property Inspector panel when doing most of the design work.

When working in the Report designer, the Home tab of the Ribbon offers almost exactly the same options as are those you see when working in the Form designer. The controls which can be inserted into a Report are a different set from the ones that can go into Forms, but the equivalent ones have essentially the same characteristics of their Form counterparts.

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