Browser XApp

An application built with Morfik and the Morfik Framework, which does not have a Morfik-built server side component.


Database Management System (DBMS)

A Database Management System is a software designed for the purposed of managing the storage, organization and retrieval of data.

Database Schema

A Database Schema is the general plan of your database, encompassing the definition of every element which exists within the database.

Data Binding

Technique that establishes a relationship between a database element and a visual interface element. Used in conjunction with WYSIWYG design to allows Visual Development.

Data Sources

A data source is anything which can act as a source of structured data. In working with Morfik they will be either a Table or a Query. Every Form object has a “Data Source” property to which you can bind a Table or a Query. The Form will automatically call up information from this data source when preparing to display on the browser.


External Database

Any database which can be accessed from a Morfik application and which isn't the project's default database is considered to be an external database.



A query is a precise request for information retrieval from an information storage system of some type.


Stored Procedures

A stored procedure is a unit of code, normally written in a variation of the SQL language, and stored inside a database which can be invoked as part of a query or independently to execute a specific action within the database.



Tables are the structures in which you store information in a relational database. Tables are also called relations and in that form give name to what are regularly called Relational Databases.



An application, with or without a server side component, built with Morfik and the Morfik Framework is generally called an XApp. Applications which do not have a server side component are referred to as Browser XApps.