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timer.jpg Get up and Running with Morfik in Minutes
Morfik allows you to create rich, engaging and interactive user experiences on the Web. If you are new to Morfik, the following topics help you familiarize yourself with Morfik quickly. It combines all the information you need to easily get started in one place.

Morfik Walkthrough

document16.png How is Morfik Different?
movie_run16.png Morfik Ribbon Menu and Toolbar
document16.png Morfik application workspace
document16.png Understanding_Morfiks_approach_to_Web_application_layout
document16.png Identifying and creating your application pages
document16.png Getting to know Morfik Forms
movie_run16.png Working with forms in Morfik
document16.png Defining data schema for your application
document16.png Binding data to your application user interface
document16.png Building your first application
document16.png Compile and Run application Locally
document16.png Deploying your Morfik application
movie_run16.png Customize Morfik Environment
movie_run16.png Debugging Morfik Applications
movie_run16.png Secure your Morfik Applications
document16.png Build apps quicker with Add-on Packages
document16.png Live Sample Projects with source code

Essential Online Resources

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Get up and running quickly with an extensive range of Morfik "How Do I?" training videos! A portal to documentation, videos, code samples and other technical resources. Ask questions and receive tips and advice from other Morfik developers and staff members. Read blogs from Morfik team members on the latest features, news and software releases. Check out the latest monthly news stories, special offers, tips and more on Morfik products. Log and track software bugs as well as suggestions for new features related to Morfik.