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The Morfik FacebookLike Package contains a single widget (Facebook Like) that provides seamless integration with Facebook Fan pages and supports a standard Facebook Like button for fan pages.


A Quick Walkthrough

To use the Morfik FacebookLike Package simply add the package to the project by utilizing the “Used Packages” command on the project ribbon (see Figure 1 Used Packages Command), or simply drag the package file onto the application main client area.

Figure 1: Used Packages Command

Once added a single widget will appear on the home ribbon when the form designer is active (see Figure 2 Widgets List). This widget can be placed on an application form and provide immediate functionality with minimal coding.

Figure 2: Widgets List

How to Use the Widget

After dropping a Facebook Like widget on a form, you can use the Property Manager to configure the widget. The only property that must be set to enable the widget is the URL property which should point to a Facebook Fan page, for example the Morfik fan page URL is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Morfik/21194544952.

A Look at the Facebook Like Widget

Figure 3 The Facebook Like Widget shows an image of the widget as it appears when dropped on a form. There are four parts to the widget, three of which can be optionally hidden. The top part is a blue rectangle that is identified as the Header and can optionally be hidden; below that is the Like part which is always displayed; next down is the Stream part which can optionally be hidden; beneath the Stream section is the Faces section which also can optionally be hidden.

The visibility of the sections is controlled by the following properties: Show Header, Show Stream and Show Faces. When any of the properties are unchecked, the corresponding section will be hidden.

A further property that controls the display of the widget at runtime only is the Color Scheme property, which can be set to light or dark. The light color scheme is always displayed in the widget at design time but at runtime, if the dark color scheme is selected, the widget will have a black background with white text.

The URL property must be set to the URL of a Facebook fan page. The form of the URL should look like the following: http://www.facebook.com/pages/[FanPageName]/[FacebookIdNumber].

Note: Clicking the Like button will not work when running in the Morfik Debug Browser.

Figure 3: The Facebook Like Widget

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