The Design tab of the Ribbon offers immediate access to all theme related operations. From this tab you can change the theme of the current project or create, modify and delete themes.

Contents of Home tab of the Ribbon when in the Project designer

The contents of the Design tab do not change when you switch designers. You always have access to the Theme options from this tab, regardless of what you are doing.

theme16.png Manage Themes
brush1-16.png Manage Styles
exchange16.png Reset Theme

theme-dropdown16.png Theme Dropdown
colors-real-16.png Color Dropdown
font16.png Font Dropdown
cubes16.png Effects Dropdown

eboxdark16.png Fill Dropdown
snowflake16.png Texture Dropdown
button16.png Options...
gradient16.png Gradient Dropdown
icecube16.png Glare Dropdown

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