Deployment Automation Services

Deployment Automation services facilitate third party hosting services by ensuring all required software components are easily available. There are three high-level entities involved in Deployment Automation infrastructure:

MorfikSpace Active Directory Services

Active Directory Services (ADS) provides authentication and access control as well as configuration information about the deployment server and how to find it.

Server Auto-Deployment Software

Server Deployment Agent (AGENT) is the software that gets installed on the server to automate the process. This software is automatically updated when a new version of the software is made available.

The following instructions describe the installation of Morfik Auto-Deployment Software on your server. Please note that you can install this software on servers that are part of your internal network (Intranet) using the same installation process.

Prerequisites for Morfik Auto-Deployment software

1- A computer with an installation of Microsoft Windows 2008 or 2008 Second Revision Operating System. (Note: There are separate installers for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.)
2- Port 80 and 443 must be free and available.
3- Installation requires full administrator rights.
4- The system requires an Internet connection.

Registering your server

1- Download the installation file for either the 32-bit or 64-bit OS.
2-Run the installer on your server. (Note: This process will take a few minutes.)
3- Send an email with the subject SERVER REGISTRATION to with the following information:
-Your Full Name:
-Your Company Name:
-Your Morfik Account Name/Email Address:
-Your server's IP Address (Could be an internal address for Intranet):
Your Server Location:
4- A config file for your server with further instructions will be sent to your email address. (Note: This process is not automated and might take up to 48 business hours.)

Activating your server

Note: You must have completed the "Registering your server" process and received a valid configuration file before you can activate your server.

Please follow the instructions below to activate your Auto-Deployment Software installation.

1- Save the attached file to the "C:\morfik\system" folder on your server.
2- Start your server "Services" console.
3- Find the service called "Morfik Agent Updater" and start this service.
4- Wait for a few minutes until the system updates itself with the latest files and configurations.
5- You are now ready to deploy your applications to your server.

Deploying Applications to your Server

You are now ready to deploy to your new server. If the installation is successful your new server should appear in the list of Target Servers in the Auto-Deployment Wizard inside Morfik IDE. Please refer to 'How to use Morfik’s Deployment Automation Service' article for instructions on how to use Morfik auto-deployment wizard,

IMPORTANT: Please read the following points about the security of your system:

The beta version of the Auto-Deployment software comes with two passwords (one in clear text) in the configuration file copied on your system as part of this installation. It is absolutely important that you change them. Please follow the instructions below to change these passwords.

1- There is an entry in the attached file call DBAPWD. The value assigned to this entry is the current password for your Firebird Database admin (SYSDBA). If you change the Firebird password for the database admin make sure you change the value of this entry with your new password in this file (c:\morfik\system\localconfig.ini).
2- In the process of installing the auto-deployment services on your server, the installer creates a username called "Agent". If you change the password for this user make sure you set the password in the IIS, both for the site and for the Application Pools using this user.
- Go to Administrative Tools
- Run the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
- Expand the nodes on the left-hand side panel and click on "Application Pools"
- Click on "_Agent-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}" on the middle panel.
- On the right-hand side panel Click on "Advanced Settings".
- On the Advanced Setting dialog box under "Process Model" click on "Identity" and then click the button next to "Agent".
- On the Application Pools Identity dialog box, the "Custom Account:" radio button should be selected. click on the "Set..." button.
- Enter the username "Agent" and the new password in the "Set Credentials" dialog box and press OK.
- Expand the "Sites" node on the right-hand side panel.
- Click on the "_Agent-{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}" site.
- Click on "Advanced Settings" from the right-hand side panel.
- Click on the "Physical Path Credentials" and the button next to "Agent" and repeat the process above to set the password for "Agent".

Morfik Deployment Wizard

Morfik IDE provides the front-end for auto-deployment with Deployment Wizard. Please refer to the following article to learn more on the Deployment Wizard

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