The Debug tab of the Ribbon allows access to large number of debugging features. From this tab you can add variables to the watches list, add or remove breakpoints and gather the information you need to fix any issues in your application.

Contents of Debug tab of the Ribbon, while debugging an application.

Most of the options available from the Debug tab only become available during an actual debugging session.

Step_Into16.png Step Into
Step_Over116.png Step Over
Step_Out16.png Step Out

Stop16.png Stop
run16.png Run
pause16.png Pause
continue16.png Continue


bug_yellow16.png Add Breakpoint
bug_yellow16.png Toggle Breakpoint
delete2-16.png Delete All

projectoptions16.png Debugger Options
Evaluate16.png Evaluate Modify
addwatch16.png Add Watch
thread16.png Threads
executionpoint16.png Execution Point

text_code_server16.png Intermediate Source View
text_code_javascript16.png JavaScript View
cpu16.png CPU Debug View

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