Customizing the Morfik Environment

The Morfik workspace can be configured to better suit your needs and the way you work. There are many configuration options covering everything from the appearance of the interface to how the compilers behave. For detailed information about customization, please refer to Morfik Options and Preferences.

One of the first things you might want to customize is the color scheme used by the Morfik workspace, as this could have some influence on the design of your project. You can change the color scheme directly from the Welcome screen.

Figure 1: Color scheme selector in the Home tab of the Ribbon when no project has been opened.

Figure 2: The Morfik workspace with different color schemes selected.

How Do I: Customize Morfik Environment?

In this video you learn about customizing Morfik design environment. The Home screen is a convenient starting place for important tasks. It provides a set of links to Morfik on-line resources as well as access to the installed sample projects. Learn how you can customize the color scheme of the design tool and the environment options.

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Customizing Morfik Environment

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