Creating advanced reports

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Morfik's report designer allows developers to create reasonably complex reports, with special attention to composite reports which present different, but related sets of information in a single set.

This article provides an overview of how to create such reports using the MorfikReports example application's tables.

Sub Reports

Morfik reports can embed other simpler and smaller reports in a manner very much analogous to how you can assemble a page or a large form from multiple small forms. These reports are referenced through a subreport control which perform in report design the same function the subform control performs in form and page design.

The image in Figure 1 shows a report with a subreport control. The area occupied by the subreport control is shown as a rectangle filled with a pattern of small diamonds.

Figure 1: Top level navigation structure within a website or web-based application.

The report in Figure 2 shows the report that was designed to be embedded in the report that is shown in Figure 1. As can be seen in Figure 2 this report is not noticeably different from any other report.

Figure 2: Top level navigation structure within a website or web-based application.

Subreports with their respective embedded reports provide developers with the possibility to insert child reports into specific point of larger reports.

Report Parameters

Frequently when a report is embedded within another report it will appear more than once, presenting information that is related to different items or rows of the external or parent report. In order to filter the required information for each insertion they must take parameters. It is through parameters that the information identifying which set of data is required for each instance or insertion of the embedded report.

Detailed information on how to create reports that take parameters can be found in the Designing, Building and Accessing Reports article, in this documentation.

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