Morfik offers a comprehensive set of controls for the creation of sophisticated web applications. Following is a list of the controls found in Morfik:

Control Description
button32.png Button The Button control is used in places where the user is clearly supposed to make a choice between actions or as an indicator that by clicking on that control an action (other than simple navigation) will be triggered.
textedit32.png TextEdit The TextEdit control is used every time the user must input information which is not chosen from a predetermined list. This control can be used for entering both short and long texts as well as for entering passwords without displaying them on screen.
textlabel32.png TextLabel The TextLabel control is used to display all the text that composes a page in a Morfik application/website. This control can automatically, and intelligently, resize itself depending on the text it needs to display. This characteristic allows the creation of complex and sophisticated views with very little effort.
checkbox32.png Checkbox The CheckBox control is frequently used when the user must input information which can only be one of two options: Yes/No.
listbox32.png ListBox The ListBox control may be used when the user must input information which is chosen from a predetermined list.
radiobutton32.png Option (Radiobutton) The OptionButton control may be used when the user must choose between a set of fixed, mutually exclusive options.
combobox32.png ComboBox The ComboBox control is frequently used when the user must input information which is chosen from a predetermined list.
new-subform32.png Subform The SubForm control allows the insertion of Forms within other Forms. This allows the creation of complex and sophisticated views through the creation of smaller and simpler parts which are then combined. As well as a blank Subform (one with no designated form), there are also thumbnails of the forms that already exist in the project which means you could place a subform with a designated form.
container32.png Container The Container control is used mainly for aggregating other visual controls.
ContainerSet32.png ContainerSet The ContainerSet control is used to aggregate multiple containers in a single control which can include transitions between the included containers (pages).
dropdown32.png DropDown The Drop-down control can be used as the building block for creating advanced controls such as Menus, Accordion and Tab controls, to name a few.
MenuBar new.gif The Menu Bar control can be used to create a multi-level menu system. Not only can the control create a Menu Bar, but it can also implement drop down menus and host just about any other control in these menus.
tabs32.png TabControl The TabControl is used to create regions within a Form/Page whose content can be alternated by the selection of a named tab. A TabControl is a container for a set of TabSheet controls, each of which works as containers for controls which will appear as determined by the currently active page.
dialogpopup32.png PopupWindow The PopupWindow control is used to customize the appearance of popup windows in your application.
photo-scenery32.png Image The Image control is used in places a graphic element should be inserted into the application's interface. These images, usually, are simply for visual effect, such as displaying logos or pictures or used to indicate a clickable area. In this later case the Image control functions much like the Button control while on the first one it more closely resembles the simple functionality of a TextLabel control.
flashcontrol32.png Flash The Flash control allows you to display Macromedia Flash files in a Form. It can either show a unbound (static) flash file or it can be databound to a table which contains a datafield that is a Multimedia data type.
datetimeedit32.png DateTimeEdit The DateTimeEdit control is used in places where the user needs to enter a date and/or time value.
calendar_31_32.png Calendar The Calendar control provides a new way of displaying and selecting dates.
rectangle32.png Rectangle The Rectangle control is used mainly for decorative purposes, in order to create a visual effect.
timer32.png Timer The Timer control is used to trigger an event at regular intervals.
fileuploader32.png FlashUploader The FlashUploader control is used, as its name suggests, to upload one or more files to the server.
Repeater new.gif The Repeater control functions in a manner similar to that of a form, having its own data source it allows the user to display a list of records.

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