Application Hotkeys

font32.png General Formatting and Editing

Function Keyboard shortcut
Copy Ctrl + Insert, Ctrl + C
Cut Shift + Delete, Ctrl + X
Paste Shift + Insert, Ctrl + V
Delete Ctrl + Delete
Select All Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Shift + Ctrl + Z
Search again F3
Replace Ctrl + R
Copy Format Shift + Ctrl + C
Apply Format Shift + Ctrl + V

NewProject32.png Project and IDE

Function Keyboard shortcut
Help F1
Save Ctrl + S
Close Ctrl + F4
Open Ctrl + O
Toggle Property Sheet visibility F11
Cycle through Design mode F12
Cycle through open Documents Ctrl + TAB
Reverse cycle through open Documents Ctrl + Shift + TAB
Run F9
Rename Project Item F2
Toggle Browser/Server/Designer F12
Find Ctrl + F
Exit Alt + F4
Fit to Window Ctrl + 0
Next Window Ctrl + F6
Previous Window Shift + Ctrl + F6
Previous View Ctrl + Alt + P
Zoom In Ctrl + Num+
Zoom Out Ctrl + Num-

form32.png Form Designer

Function Keyboard shortcut
Select Multiple objects Shift + Left Mouse Button
Move selected control(s) by 1 px Ctrl + Arrow keys (Standard)
Arrow keys (Alternative)
Move selected control(s) by 20 px Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key (Standard)
Shift + Arrow Key (Alternative)
Resize selected control(s) by 1 px Shift + Arrow Key (Standard)
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key (Alternative)
disable guidelines snapping when dragging controls Alt
screenshot capture of current Form to a clipboard Scroll Lock
Activate Inplace Caption Editor F2
Property Sheet F11
Equivalent to clicking the ellipsis (...) button Ctrl + Enter
Selects Parent Control in design mode Esc

table32.png Datagrid

Function Keyboard shortcut
Next Field Tab
Next Field Right Arrow
Previous field Shift + Tab
Previous Field Left Arrow
Same field, next record Down Arrow
Same field, previous record Up Arrow
New Record Insert

bug_yellow32.png Debugger

Function Keyboard shortcut
Build Shift + F9
Abort Shift + Ctrl + F9
Run F9
Compile Ctrl + F9
Trace Into F7
Step Over F8
Until Return Shift + F8
Run To Cursor F4
Continue F9
Insert Breakpoint F5
Stop Ctrl + F2
Add Watch Ctrl + F5
Evaluate Modify Ctrl + F7

text_code_colored32.png Code Editor, General

Function Keyboard shortcut
Move Cursor to next word Ctrl + Right
Move Cursor to previous word
Back to Last Location Alt + Right
Forward to Last location Alt + Left
Exit Alt + F4
Go to Line Number Ctrl + G
Insert Tab Tab
Move to previous Tab Shift + Tab
ToggleMacroRecording Ctrl + Shift + R
PlaybackMacro Ctrl + Shift + P
OpenFileAtCursor Ctrl + Enter
FileBegin Ctrl + Home
FileEnd Ctrl + End
ScreenTop Ctrl + PageUp
ScreenBottom Ctrl + PageDown
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Copy Ctrl + C
FindNext F3
FindPrevious Shift + F3
FindDialog Ctrl + F
ReplaceDialog Ctrl + R
ScrollDown Ctrl + Down
ScrollUp Ctrl + Up
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
DeleteToLineEnd Ctrl + Shift + Y
DeleteLine Ctrl + Y
FindNext Ctrl + L
Insert Tab Ctrl + I
NewLine Ctrl + N
DeleteWordRight Ctrl + T
Indent Block Ctrl + Shift + I
UnIndent Block Ctrl + Shift + U
Undo Alt + Backspace
Redo Alt + Shift + Backspace
Cut Shift + Del
DeleteBlock Ctrl + Del
Paste Shift + Insert
Copy Ctrl + Insert
FileBegin Ctrl + Q + R
FileEnd Ctrl + Q + C
DeleteWordLeft Ctrl + Backspace
SelectAll Ctrl + A
StartIncrementalSearch Ctrl + E
CopyBlock Ctrl + K + C
LowerCaseWord Ctrl + K + E
UpperCaseWord Ctrl + K + F
IndentBlock Ctrl + K + I
SelectLine Ctrl + K + L
UpperCaseBlock Ctrl + K + N
LowerCaseBlock Ctrl + K + O
OutdentBlock Ctrl + K + U
SelectWord Ctrl + K + T
DeleteBlock Ctrl + K + Y
CapitalizeBlock Ctrl + K + M
MoveBlockBegin Ctrl + Q + B
MoveFileEnd Ctrl + Q + C
MoveLineEnd Ctrl + Q + D
MoveScreenTop Ctrl + Q + E
MoveBlockEnd Ctrl + Q + K
MoveFileBegin Ctrl + Q + R
MoveLineBegin Ctrl + Q + S
MoveScreenTop Ctrl + Q + T
MoveScreenBottom Ctrl + Q + U
MoveScreenBottom Ctrl + Q + X
Open file at cursor Ctrl + Enter

Note: For Compound key combinations, that is, those combinations that utilize two letters

(eg Ctrl+K+I), you need to press the modifier-keys with the first letter, quickly followed by the
modifier-keys and the second letter.

For example, to indent a block of text, the shortcut is Ctrl_K+I, which should be implemented as
Ctrl+K quickly followed by Ctrl+I.

text_code_colored32.png Code Editor, Computer assisted coding

Function Keyboard shortcut
Code Completion Ctrl + SpaceBar
Display Code parameters/MorfikDoc Ctrl + Shift + SpaceBar
Navigate to method declaration Ctrl + Shift + UpArrow
Navigate to method implementation Ctrl + Shift + DownArrow
ExpandAll Ctrl + Multiply
ExpandCurrent Ctrl + Plus
CollapseAll Ctrl + Divide
CollapseCurrent Ctrl + Minus

Morfik32.png Misc.

Function Keyboard shortcut
Configure Effects Shift + Ctrl + E
Refresh F5

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