Application Deployment Overview

For most developers, setting up a production environment for a web application is not a pleasant experience. Morfik believes that deployment is an integral part of application development and as such it should be made easy so that it can be handled by developers without the need to involve IT support staff. To this end, Morfik has developed a new deployment platform that integrates the process of deployment into the general process of software development.

The Morfik deployment platform is hosted on RackSpace data centres in North America, Europe and Asia1. RackSpace is one of the most respected and highly regarded providers of modern and technologically advanced data centres in the world. Their fanatical support philosophy is unmatched in the industry which underpins Morfik’s deployment platforms. Morfik’s deployment platform software infrastructure is built on top of Microsoft’s IIS 7.0 web server technology and is secured through the use of firewall and sophisticated gateways that isolate Morfik application servers from potential intrusion. The Morfik deployment platform uses Amazon S3 to provide a reliable system for permanent backup of application files and their data, that can be called upon at a moment’s notice for a full restoration.