An overview of support for external data sources in Morfik

Morfik allows you to build Ajax interfaces and mash-ups of your internal corporate data and external data sources such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, including your ERP and legacy systems or Natively connect to your existing Firebird databases. As well as the ability to perform extensive data manipulation, analysis and reporting in your "mash-ups".

Database connectivity is a major point in any modern application. Databases have become so ubiquitous that most people do not even stop to think about them. Databases are mainly taken for granted as part of any developer's arsenal of tools to attack any specific problem.

With that in mind Morfik not only chose to provide a fully integrated relational database server, but to also offer support for connecting to other databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Why use External Databases?

The most common reason to use an external database would be because you already have it. In this case, even existing Firebird databases would be good candidates as external databases.

Another reason could be adherence to corporate standards. If your company has standardized on another database, Morfik can access it, provided that it has an ODBC driver (native connectivity is under development).

Data mashups between different databases is one area in which Morfik really excels at. You could be combining data from a primary Firebird database, with an external MS SQL Server database, with data coming directly from In this kind of situation you will, in fact, have not one but several external databases tied to your application.

Primary Databases vs. External Databases

One of the first things to understand in working with external databases in Morfik is what the differences between primary databases and external databases are. Primary databases are always Firebird Databases and these accompany your project from the beginning. Morfik stores some system information in these databases and they are an integral part of how the Morfik framework functions.

An external database is a plain and simple database, with no system tables or any intrinsic use by the Morfik Framework.

Note: Currently in Morfik it is not possible to update external database tables that lack a primary key.

Database Connectors

Morfik brings to your application development world the concept of the Database Connector. A Database Connector allows your application to have access to data made available by an online service, a database management system (MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, etc) or a standard Internet service such as email. Data Connectors allow you to treat disparate data sources as if they were sets of database tables. In this chapter we will concentrate on the external database related Service Connectors. Read more...

Support for Native Database Connectivity

Native Database Connectivity in Morfik is implemented through its package architecture. Such approach makes it possible to bring in a wide range of database connectivity libraries to the Morfik platform.

Morfik's main database package built on this architecture is the Zeos Native Database Connectivity package. Being based on Zeos Lib it provides a universal layer for connecting to the various databases, including MySQL, MS SQL, Postgress ,Oracle and SQL Lite through native connection libraries or, in case of Microsoft SQL Server, through OLEDB SQL Native Client . Zeos Lib has been developed for many years and has reached a certain level of maturity and industrial strength. It’s compatible with FreePascal and supports both Window and Linux platforms. Read more...

Abstract Data Sources

Morfik Abstract Data Sources give you absolute freedom to bring information in from any source into your application or website. Abstract Data Sources provide a mechanism through which the developer by writing a couple of event handlers on the server side of the application can make any information stream appear as a table in the application. This allows all the functionality that is available for visually creating rich application interfaces based on the data sources to work with just about any data source. Read more...

How Do I: Connect to External Databases?

In this video presentation you learn how to connect to an external data-sources using Morfik's Data connectors wizard. This example shows how to go through the steps in connecting to a MS SQL database and display the records in a Morfik Form.

The player will show in this paragraph

Accessing External Databases