Add-On Packages

Add-On Packages are a special class of project items that facilitate reusability and distribution of third party controls and solutions. Reusability, through sharing of common project items across multiple applications, is quite a useful feature as it saves time and improves productivity. Learn more about packages...

Morfik Add-On Packages

package_accordion_100.png Accordion - Morfik’s Accordion Widget provides multiple panels for organising user controls, with just one panel being displayed at any given time. package_amazon_ads_100.png Amazon Ads Package - Morfik's Amazon Ads Package provides the required functionality to make using Amazon Banners and Amazon Product Links easy on Morfik-built websites.
package_s3uploader_100.png Amazon S3 File Uploader - Morfik’s Amazon S3 package is designed to make working with Amazon’s S3 service as simple as possible, allowing you to take advantage of this service in your application without worrying about all the details involved. package_araratsyn_100.png Ararat Synapse - Morfik's Ararat Synapse Package provides an interface to the complete library of classes and functions for network communication application programming.
bitlybadge.png Package - The Morfik package contains an interface to the API to create shortened URLs, primarily used for saving characters in Tweets, blogs and emails. facebook_icon_120x100.png Facebook Like - The Morfik FacebookLike Package provides seamless integration with Facebook Fan pages and supports a standard Facebook Like button for fan pages.
package_fisheye_100.png Fisheye Menu - Morfik's Fisheye Menu Package allows you to add expanding menus, in a similar manner to Mac OS X Dock, to your Morfik-built websites. Downloads_FFU_120x100.png Flash File Uploader - The Morfik FlashUploader package contains a single widget (FlashFileUploader) that allows files to be submitted to a web site. It supports multiple uploads and features an interactive progress bar.
charts_120x100.png Fusion Charts - The Morfik Fusion Charts package contains a single widget (FusionCharts) that is a wrapper for animated Flash controls for charts, graphs, gauges and maps. There are over 60 styles of animated controls in the package to choose from. Google-AdSense_120x120.png Google AdSense - The Morfik Google AdSense Package provides the required functionality to make using Google AdSense on your Morfik website easy.
googleanalytics_120x100.png Google Analytics Package - Morfik’s Google Analytics package provides the required functionality to enable use of Google Analytics features in web applications created with Morfik. Downloads_google_120x100.png Google Maps Package - The Morfik GoogleMaps package contains a single widget (GoogleMaps) that displays an interactive Google map in the widget. The Google Maps API is supported through additional classes that allow the creating of Markers, Polylines, Polygons, Directions, Geocoding and more.
package_HTML5_icon_120x100.png HTML5 Video - The Morfik HTML5Video package contains a widget (HTML5 Video) that adds support for the HTML5 video tag and includes fallback support using Flash for browsers that don’t handle HTML5 video or some video encoding schemes. imagerotator_120x100.png Image Rotator - Morfik's Image Rotator Package for Morfik 3 provides you with an image gallery widget.
imageslider_120x100.png Image Slider - The Morfik Image Slider package creates a horizontal display of multiple images that can have titles displayed and can be grouped by category. package_impexp_100.png Import/Export - Morfik’s Import/Export package is designed to make importing and exporting text-based data on Morfik built websites easy, using two easy-to-use, step-by-step wizards.
indy_120x100.png Indy - Morfik Indy package provides an interface to clients, servers, TCP, UDP, and raw sockets, as well as over 100 higher level protocols implementations such as SMTP, POP3, NNTP, and HTTP. Indy includes support for OpenSSL and Zlib in the protocol implementations. lightboxdownload_120x100.png Lightbox - The Morfik Lightbox package Version 2 is an update to the original Lightbox package that allows you to overlay a full size image on a page by clicking on a thumbnail image using a transition effect to display it. Images can be loaded from either the repository or from an associated database table.
package_flvplayer_100.png LongTail FLV Player Package - Morfik's LongTail FLV Player Package provides the required functionality to play FLV videos on your Morfik-built website. navigator.png Navigator - The Morfik Navigator package contains a Navigator widget that is a replacement of and an enhancement to the standard Morfik navigator that is available in both the footer and header of a form. This navigator widget can be placed anywhere on a form and has a number of different styles and ways to control the dataset.
package_openid_100.png OpenID and Facebook Connect Package - Morfik's OpenID and Facebook Connect Package provides the required functionality to maintain user authentication through OpenID providers’ services and Facebook Connect. package_paypal_120.png PayPal Package - The Morfik PayPal package contains a single widget (BuyNow button) and a number of supporting classes that provide a thorough implementation of the PayPal Express Checkout API. To use this widget for live payments, a PayPal Merchant Account is required; for testing transactions a developer account is required.
package_postalcode_100.png Postal Code Lookup - Morfik's Placename Lookup Package provides the interface to the Web Service that returns a list of places for a given postal code. qucksand_120x100.png Quicksand Package - The Morfik Quicksand package provides a nice visual display of database items that can be sorted and filtered using attractive visual effects.
package_raiting_icon_120x100.png Rating - The Morfik Rating package allows users to select the number of stars that represents their rating. RSS_Badge.png RSS Package - The Morfik RSS package contains a widget that can be used to quickly create an RSS syndication feed for a website.
security_120x100.png Security Client Package - The Morfik Security Client package provides all the features of the standard Morfik Security Package but allows a number of Morfik XApps to share a central database for storing common security information. For documentation of the standard Morfik Security package please refer to the document “Morfik Security and User Access Control Package”. security_120x100.png Security Package - The Morfik User Authentication and Access Control package provides the required functionality to secure a Morfik website against unauthorized use.
package_sharing_100.png Sharing / Bookmarking Package - The Morfik Sharing and Bookmarking Package provides the required functionality to enable the AddThis, AddToAny and TellAFriend buttons on your website so you can bookmark and share online content. slider_icon_120x100.png Slider - The Morfik Slider package contains a Slider widget that allows users to select among a continuous range of allowed values.
Downloads_shine-time_120x100.png Shine Time Package - The Morfik ShineTime package contains a single widget (ShineTimeItem) that uses a number of the built-in Morfik graphic transitions to create flyover effects for thumbnail images as seen here. sound_120x100.png Sound Manager Package - The Morfik Sound Manager package adds the ability to playback audio files in a Morfik web application.
pdf_120x100.png tcPDF Report - The Morfik tcPDFReport package contains server-side classes that allow the creation of run-time PDF documents that include Unicode characters and is based upon the open source TCPDF PHP software which can be downloaded here. package_tinymce_100.png TinyMCE - Morfik's TinyMCE Package provides a WYSIWYG editor to be used in Morfik-built websites.
vampire_120x100.png Vampyre Image Processing Package - The Vampyre Image Processing package provides a powerful set of tools for image manipulation and also includes a widget, Vampire Image Processing Widget, that provides a canvas for server-side drawing. VideoPlayer_icon_120x100.png Video Player Packages - Morfik’s new Video Player Package provides the required functionality to play videos in a number of formats, such as MPG, WMV, AVI, MOV on web applications built with Morfik.
Downloads_weather_120x100.png Weather Feed Package - The Morfik Weather Feed package contains a single widget (Weather Feed) that displays local weather information for a specified location. The widget can display the current temperature, an image related to the weather conditions, the high and low temperatures, wind conditions and a link to Yahoo! Weather’s complete forecast for the area. xmlrpcbadge.png XML-RPC - The Morfik XML-RPC package allows Morfik developers to integrate their web applications with web servers that expose xml-rpc functions. Browser-side xml-rpc functions can be consumed using the Morfik XML-RPC package.
package_youtube_100.png YouTube - The Morfik YouTube package provides the required functionality to play YouTube videos on your Morfik website. zeosbadge.png Zeos - The Morfik Zeos package contains classes that support direct connections to client-server databases through native connectors, removing the need to use ODBC. This package is based upon the Open source ZeosLib code which you can find here. The initial package offers native connections for MSSQL and MySQL databases..